We offer 1/2 day or whole day trips, and we give discounts for multi-day reservations.

We will talk over what we offer, and what you are most interested in doing. We will then design a personalized excursion for you.

Our prices change depending on the design we put together. Just look at the picture above, it would be impossible to have a set price for a group of 14 people of all ages. There are many factors that go into building you the most memorable trip. When you want a picnic on the beach with Burgers and Spiny Tail Lobster, we add this to the plan. We are sorry we don't have just one price, but we also are happy that we are flexible enough to tailor make activities to fit all your needs and desires, and for all ages.

The most important service we provide are memories. It's one thing to go out on a boat, and it is another thing, to beguided to treasures of our island.